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Sawn & Snapped Flagstone

Are you working on a hardscaping project that requires sawn and snapped flagstone? As a contractor or builder, do you install natural stones in homes and commercial properties? Get in touch with us since we have the right stone products for you. We have different types of flagstones in our inventory so we can supply the needs of our clients. Whether you need them for flooring and walls or as paving materials, we have the right flagstone that will suit your project. We have an abundant supply of flagstone in your yard so don’t worry if you have a large project. Just let us know your required quantity and we will custom cut these stones.

We are a local company operating in Northern Arizona so we know where to get the best sandstones that will satisfy our clients' needs. We only process those that meets our standards and the specifications of our clients. For example, the sawn and snapped flagstones that we offer were carefully chosen from quality-checked sandstone blocks. The stringent quality control that we implement helps us maintain the quality of our stone products. This is one of the reasons why we are the preferred natural stone supplier in the region. If you are a DIY homeowner, a professional landscaper, or a general contractor looking for finely crafted flagstones, call Northern Arizona Sandstone today.

Outstanding Qualities of our Flagstones

Our flagstones have certain qualities not found in other types of stone products in the market. They are made from finely selected sandstones, which are quarried locally. Our facility in Chino Valley is equipped with stone cutting tools and equipment so we can manufacture top-quality stone products. We can process custom specifications from clients, as well as large orders from big time contractors. Our sawn and snapped flagstone products are popular among contractors and landscapers because of the stone's unique color hues, durability, and slip-resistant surface. With these qualities, you will be assured of beautiful, long-lasting hardscapes and outdoor amenities.

Choose from Sawn or Snapped Flagstone

We don't impose minimum orders for our sawn and snapped flagstone products. Visit us at Chino Valley so you can pick your desired quantity. Our flagstones are also available in various colors, sizes, and thicknesses so it’s easy to choose the right stone pieces for your project. You may choose the sawn flagstone if your project requires a smooth finish or surface. It can be used on both indoor and outdoor applications. Meanwhile, our snapped flagstones are highly recommended for outdoor applications such as hardscapes and paved features.

Dial 928-862-0216 for your inquiries or orders.

Northern Arizona Sandstone is located in the heart of Arizona sandstone country. All the unique colors and quality of Arizona flagstone can be yours by contacting Northern Arizona Sandstone.

All cut orders require a deposit of one-half the total order amount to commence cutting the job and the balance of the order is paid prior to shipment. We accept credit cards.

Sawed stone is cut using a wet saw which provides a smooth-edged finish. Snapped stone is cut using a guillotine which provides a rough-edge finish. Quotes and lead times are available for all colors, sizes and thicknesses.

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Sawn and Snapped Stone
Snapped Stone
Sawn and Snapped Stone
Snapped Stone
Sawn and Snapped Stone
Snapped Stone
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